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even if i was famous i still wouldn’t shave my legs

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Did you know she had two miscarriages? Click here to find out 15 others things you probably didn’t know about Marilyn Monroe.

I love Marilyn Monroe..To everyone she was just a pin up and a beauty but she was so much more,I find the life she lived truly inspiring.

That’s really pathetic^^ if only you knew her real life. She slept her way to the top and was a complete hypocrite about the quotes that people worship. She didn’t like her size. She was incredibly insecure. And back then being skinny wasn’t worshipped as much as it has in more recent times

^ I think that YOU are rather pathetic considering you felt the need to point any of that out. Most people know of her struggles and the life that she lived. But don’t you feel it is enough (with all of the medical problems she faced) that she at least tried to get by? So what if she enjoyed making others feel better about themselves! Is that something to look down upon? I think not. She had struggles with herself yet still tried to be something that people could look up to. You may think you know everything about her life, sure you may! But as a human being you should try to understand further. No one really knows her life. But you can see that she tried, and I think that is something of inspiration.

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